How To Shape Your Eyebrows?

Eyebrows, How To Keep Them In Shape Always

“Always put your best face forward” – That is what the manager at my first job told me. That has probably been the best advice anyone has ever given to me at work. Perfectly shaped eyebrows make a world of a difference! Yeah I know how hard it is to maintain that perfect shape after a visit to the salon. What I hate the most – If I go to the salon to just get my brows fixed, I always end up spending a few extra hours and extra bucks on things that I don’t need. I have learnt my lesson and think you should too! Maintaining sexy brows all the time does not take too much effort. Lay the foundation right, and you are good to go. Here are my top tips to shape your eyebrows.

Decide on a shape

Yep, no rocket science here. Whether you want high brows, or arched brows, or any other kind, you need to decide on a shape that complements your facial features. If you are not sure, look up a few beauty magazines or articles that help you decide. I am not an artist and I find it easiest if I have a plan of action ready. If you are like me, you can either use a white liner/concealer on the hair that you want to remove. Now the trick is in the detail – take your time but get this right. Don’t stray, of course!

Invest in tweezers

I’d shout this out loud in a megaphone if I had one – “Don’t be stingy when it comes to buying tweezers!” I reckon that a good pair of tweezers will cost you about $20 – it is a small investment that goes a long way.

Trimming tip

Tweezers may not always do the trick. I can recall many times when I’ve taken out more hair than required. After all the effort I’d go “Damn, all this needed was a quick trim!” For a strong definition of the brows, consider trimming excess hair if required.

How to pluck your eyebrows?

Go slow and be patient – that’s the mantra. Pluck the hairs in the direction that they grow and don’t pluck too many at a time. I like to firmly hold my skin down when I start pulling my hair. Look straight forward into the mirror and I suggest that you don’t lean too close. Keep your distance from the mirror when you pluck your eyebrows. I had a nasty habit of leaning too close to the mirror and loose track of the bigger picture. This always ended up in messily shaped brows.

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