10 Amazing Apps For Students

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Who says being a student is an easy task? It is extremely tedious to lead a student’s life, as their schedule for the day is always packed. Students have to manage their classes, do assignments, participate in extracurricular activities, go out with friends, and give exams too.

Thankfully, in this busy life, technology has played a very pivotal role. In this smartphone era, there are many useful apps for students that allow them to schedule their time properly, and look out for tips during times of urgency.

Mobile phones are not a luxury anymore, and have become a necessity for everyone. They make your life simple and sorted, and this stands true for students as well. Here are a few amazing apps that students can use in their day-to-day life.

1. Blackboard Learn

Schools and colleges have teachers using blackboards to explain important notes, presentations or discussions. But sometimes, it becomes difficult for students to jot down points when they are in a hurry. In this case, an app called Blackboard Learn allows you to schedule your notes, assignments and homework systematically. You can also connect with your classmates and share notes, and discuss important points regarding the syllabus. You can get this app in Blackberry, iOS devices and Android phones.

2. Todo

This is an amazing app to create a to-do list. With such a busy schedule, you often tend to forget important things to do during the day. And it’s not possible always to gather a pen and a paper and write your list for the day. With this Todo app, you can make your own to-do list everyday and sync it with your calendar. Thus, you can add reminders, so that you do not miss your assignment dates and appointments. This app is available on iOS devices.

3. Kindle

An avid reader will have this app in their smartphone for sure. Kindle is an e-reader app that allows you to read books on-the-go. This app gives you a feel of reading a paper book where you can highlight important lines, bookmark the pages and even search for certain words. Kindle app is available on Apple, Google and Windows Phone devices for free.

4. My Student Budget Planner

Managing a budget for the week or the month, for a student living alone, is a mighty task. With My Student Budget Planner app in your smartphone, your life will be sorted in terms of money matters. This app comes with a tracker that stops you from spending too much, and also stores your progress in terms of your expenditures. You receive budget alerts, and this app also provides you with useful tips and advice when required.

5. Amazon

Online shopping is a big trend these days! With a busy and packed schedule, you often cannot take out time to shop for even small and basic things. But this problem can be fixed by downloading the Amazon app that allows you to shop for everything under the sun. You get all the necessary items in this app, and you can even shop while you are attending a lecture. Isn’t that cool?

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