6 Fashion Trends That Must End In 2015

6 Fashion Trends That Must End In 2015

2014 saw a lot of new and interesting fashion trends. However, it also saw the prolonged, boring, and a little too overdone use of fashion trends from the previous years. It almost seemed like all celebrities were just looking at each other for inspiration at one event, and then copying those looks to dress up for the next event!

It’s time to kill such mundane and overdone trends of 2014. Listed here are some of the fashion trends that MUST die in 2015.

1. Ear Cuffs

Much like the midi-rings and the statement neckpieces that every girl owned 2011 onwards, ear cuffs too were a little too much during 2014. They were being worn with casuals, formals, fancy gowns and even with swimwear! It almost felt like the regular earrings and the pretty drop-style pieces vanished. Time to say bye-bye to ear cuffs now, and hopefully make everyone’s ears look a little different from each other!

2. Sneakers

Yes, they are damn comfy, and were a perfect answer to stores and brands that only stocked stilettos and high heels. But last year, almost everyone gave up their feminine self and tastes and took up the sneakers! Heels aren’t so bad, after all, and it’s time some of them came back! Casual shoes and formal ones need to be balanced out in a woman’s wardrobe, and we hope 2015 does that!

3. Ripped Jeans

Frankly, this is not even a 2014 thing, but like a 2000 onwards thing! Enough of those ripped jeans now; girls need their regular fits and skinny fits in their classic form too! Not every girl can afford to look like a prototype with a tank top and ripped jeans or a checked shirt and ripped jeans (mostly combined with those sneakers by the way!). We need the chiffon tops, georgette blouses, and other fancy tops too to go with regular jeans!

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