Is Manipulation In a Relationship Good?

Is Manipulation In a Relationship Good?

Relationships are full of complications and people employ whatever technique they can to have it their way. Manipulation is one such ploy. Often, we are told that manipulation is the death nail of a relationship and it is true. It is a widely accepted fact that manipulation is not good in any relationship. So, why is manipulation not good in relationships? Read below and find your answers.

1. Manipulation lays down the seed of lies

Manipulation by one partner often puts the other under tremendous pressure. Constant egging in the form of subtle pricks can lead one to cheat, deceive and lie. This weakens the very foundation of the relationship.

2. Manipulators cannot be trusted

If one partner in the relationship is a known manipulator, then the other will think twice before trusting her/him. This means that even if the person in question is trying to do something good, they will be eyed with suspicion. Such a relationship will not last the test of time for long.

3. Manipulation is a sign of weakness

If one has to manipulate the other in order to get their way, then it is a sordid tale of being in a weak relationship, which survives on the continual hustle for power. A solid relationship will not need manipulation as both partners will respect each other’s space and the space that they share between them.

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