5 Things to Do to Popularize Your Blog

Things to Do to Popularize Your Blog

Today’s world calls for much more than just a creative mind. Creativity is great; but you also need to sell it. Even the simplest of messages need to be wrapped in glittery paper for it to grab eyeballs. And it’s especially hard to grab eyeballs for a blog when there’s practically everyone coming up with one these days! So here are 5 things to do to popularize your blog.

1. Link your blog to social networking sites

Hook your blog with the social networking sites that you are a frequent user of. You can always share the links of your posts in the sites and expect at least some of your friends to read it, and then share it on. And if you have some good stuff in there, then you will eventually find a decent number of loyal readers.

2. Focus on captions and headings

It goes without saying that whatever your article is about, it needs to be interesting enough to read. However, if we are to now focus on the marketing part of it and really need to attract the crowd, then you must choose your captions and titles carefully too. Try to keep the title of your articles short and crisp, with a mysterious or surprise element to it, something that urges the reader to ponder upon. It is the most unusual headings that instantly grab attention. Unfortunately, a book is judged by its cover.

3. Upload more photographs

Nobody wants to just read a piece of writing in black and white. In a blog, what works as the fun element are the pictures. You don’t need to worry about your photographs not being the artsy or professional kind. All you need are some decent pictures that are relevant to the article; that gives a personal touch to it. The photographs are just visual documentation to go with your article and there’s nothing better if you can always put up self-taken pictures rather than downloading them from the internet.

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