5 Reasons Women Need Protein Supplements

Reasons Women Need Protein Supplements

Men and women are anatomically different and women need a different exercise regimen and supplementary diet to keep their body in shape. Protein plays a crucial role when a woman is serious about exercise and keeping herself fit. Before one goes into why a woman needs protein supplements, one needs to get rid of the myths that are surrounding protein intake in women. One myth is that women end up bulky and begin to look like body builders. Another myth is that they end up fat when they take protein supplements. This is also not true. There are also a lot of other people who believe that there is no need for protein supplements as the regular diet would take care of the protein needs. But sadly, not all of us have the proper diet every single day and in these cases protein supplements become necessary. Here are some more reasons why women especially need protein.

1. They aid weight loss in women

For women who are trying to lose weight but have been unsuccessful with other diet programs, a crash diet of protein shakes has proved to be quite helpful. Women who went on a protein supplement diet lost 10% of their overall body weight and almost 20% of their body fat. Soy and casein were the main protein source in the supplements and studies have shown that they are quite effective when it comes to weight loss.

2. They help women develop muscle mass

Both men and women lose their muscle mass as they age and women more so than men. When women lose muscle mass either due to aging or due to sudden weight loss, the regular protein intake from food will not help much. Protein supplements help a lot in these times to help them keep their muscle formation growing.

3. They are good for women who undergo strength training

For women who undergo strength training, protein supplements are a good option as they help build strength and mass and are also easily digestible, unlike other food protein sources. It also encourages consistent construction and reparation of lean muscle fibers.

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