9 Amazing Ways to Understand A Guys Body Language


If you wish to find out if a guy is interested in you or not, you should look at his body language. Guys have only a handful of body language signals that make it obvious that they are interested in you. These signals are subconscious and they are not faking it or trying to catch your attention knowingly. These body language signs are a part of our psychology and give out to the world what we are thinking or feeling. Listed below are 9 amazing ways to understand a guy’s body language.

1. Facial expressions

The first thing to notice is his facial expression. Look at a guy’s face and note if he is tilting his head slightly. He is also likely to raise his eyebrows when he looks at you, if he likes you. Also, he will have flared nostrils and smile at you flirtatiously if he is interested. These are expressions on his face which will show automatically when he begins to have feelings for you.

2. Eye contact

Note if he is trying to make eye contact with you or not. If you have just met or have just started talking to you, he will look at you more often but will not want you to know just yet. Look at him suddenly and you might catch him off guard. He will, however, quickly look away. If you have been dating for some time and have built a friendship, his eye contact will be more lingering. He will gaze at you for longer than just a few seconds.

3. Upper body

The position of his upper body is a tell tale sign of whether or not he is interested in you. Look at his torso. A man interested in you will keep his chest and shoulders pointed at you. This is true for anything he finds most interesting in the room. And if it is you, then that is where he will point. Also note where his pelvis is pointed towards. Irrespective of where you are in the room, he will keep his pelvis always pointed at you if he is interested in you.

4. Feet

His feet will also be pointed at you if you are standing apart in a room. Even if he is talking to someone else, his feet will be directed towards you because he is interested in you. Also, he will stand with his feet apart. It is a subconscious way of showing off that he is powerful.

5. Hands

Look carefully at the placement of his hands. If he has his hands in his pockets or on his belt loops, he is trying to grab your attention to that part of his body subconsciously. If he keeps his hands on his hips, he is trying to look powerful and sexy in order to catch your attention. The more he tries to flirt with you, the more use he puts his hands to use. He will fix his hair, touch his face, smooth his clothes and use more hand gestures while speaking. These are signs that he is getting more and more attracted to you.

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