5 Exercises You Must Do at Your Desk

5 Exercises You Must Do at Your Desk

The nature of work has changed over the years. With the onset of computers and technology we longer engage in much physical labor. We tend to sit in our desks for long hours continuously and end up getting ached and pains. Sitting crouched on a seat no matter how comfortable it is not a natural pose for the body and it puts strain on the back and your joints. Not to mention your eyes which get strained by looking at the screen for too long. You need to do exercises to ensure that you do not overstrain your body as a whole. Some of the following exercises are subtle and does not bring too much attention to you in the workplace. Here are the exercises you must do at your desk to remain active and not feel drained out after the day’s work.

1. Stretch

This is the most simple yet effective exercise you can do while seated at your desk. Simple stretching exercises such as stretching your neck, keeping your legs in a straight line for a few seconds and stretching your arms relieve a lot of built up tension in your body. You relax your muscles when you stretch and this makes you work with renewed energy. Just push back your chair from the desk ad stretch every few hours to notice the difference.

2. Close your eyes for a while

Switch off the monitor for a while and close your eyes for a few minutes. You can also dab your eyes with some water. Do not splash water on your eyes, but take a cotton pad or a piece of cloth and gently dab your eyes when they are closed. When you do this every few hours, your eyes would also feel relaxed and there will be less burning sensation. You can also prevent dry itchy eyes when you do this.

3. Push your chair behind and bend to touch your toes

You do not even have to get off your chair to do this exercise. Just push your chair a few inches away from your desk and bend down to touch your toes. In this exercise you will be stretching your back which is the main part that gets affected when you are in a desk job. Do this at least 3-4 times every few hours.

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