9 Things to Do Seven Days Before Your Wedding

9 Things to Do Seven Days Before Your Wedding

Marriage is a once in a lifetime celebration. For any woman, it is the happiest day of her life. What can be worse than having a zit pop out on your cheek, just a day before your wedding? Would you like it if you look fat in your wedding pictures? What if you forget something? These are certain nightmares that must be kick-diving into your mind and just won’t seem to leave. Here we present you with a simple 9-step solution, so that nothing messes up the best day of your life. Begin to follow these steps 7 days before your marriage.

1. Make a checklist

Create a checklist of all important things so that you can come to know if you’re forgetting something. It will also be useful as a reminder later. Plus, you can relax later because you have a whole checklist in front of you.

2. Device alternative plans

Merely creating a checklist is not really enough. For a day as huge as your wedding, it is better to be safe than sorry. Hence, make sure that you device alternative plans just in case something goes wrong.

3. Have a trial session

Instead of leaving your makeup and hairstyling to be done on your big day, it is better to have a trial session once, so that you’re sure of how you will be looking. If need be, you can also make changes, in case, you feel something doesn’t suit you.

4. Try on your dress and shoes

You must have already tried on your dress a million times. But try it just one last time a week before your wedding. In case, you have put on or lost weight, you can ask your tailor to make the necessary alterations. Similarly, try on those shoes to see if the fit is perfect. Wear both your dress and shoes together and see if you can walk, dance and do all the things that you will be doing for your wedding.

5. Take up a beauty regime

Consult a professional and formulate a particular beauty regime that suits your skin. Pamper your skin with a good bridal facial and clean up to remove excessive oiliness on your skin. However, don’t try something completely new, if you have a sensitive skin.

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