7 Facts About Why Christmas Is Celebrated

7 Facts About Why Christmas Is Celebrated

Christmas is the occasion of good cheer and love. But, do you know why Christmas is celebrated each year. Well, apart from the date there are many facts which are related to celebrations. Read on to get some insight on this.

1. The date and its relevance

It all started from the date 350 A.D, which declared 25th DEC as the official feast day for the birth of Christ. Contrary to the popular belief, 25th DEC is not the official birth date of Christ. It was declared on that day. Since then it is celebrated as the official day of celebration all around the world.

2. The native set

Many people make their own native set on Christmas. But, do you know who first made this set? It was St. Francis. He was the first saint who officially invented the native set for Christmas. And, this dates back to 13th century. People still replicate the set made by this famous saint for the occasion of Christmas.

3. Tradition of gifts

The tradition of gifts and cards on Christmas was not so popular back then. But, Ancient Romans made this tradition popular worldwide. The tradition of gifting first started on New Year. It was then made popular on Christmas. So, this also calls for a reason why it is still so popular amongst people all over the world.

4. Christmas ban

Christmas is celebrated as an occasion of good cheer world wide. But, do you know that once it was banned in England. According to a law, Christmas was banned from 1644 to 1681. However, this ban was revoked by an English governor in the year 1681. Now, it is the most traditional and well the most fashionable occasion of England.

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