Easy Arts And Crafts Ideas for Kids to Keep Them Busy

Easy Arts And Crafts Ideas for Kids to Keep Them Busy

Story books and cartoons all the time? Why not give work for those tiny hands and some food for thought too! Children can create and imagine things much more than we can comprehend and arts and crafts could aid the process. It builds creativity, analytical thinking and teaches patience! It may make one think and express things with a difference. Here are a few easy arts and craft ideas for kids to do in session breaks.

1. Shoe Box

The Old shoe box at home can turn into a “Personal Goodies” Box. Take the box and paint it around to make it look colorful. Take thick sheets of paper and cut it into pieces that are as broad and as high as the shoebox. Compartmentalize the shoe box by sticking the paper strips along the hollow side of the shoe box. You can then ask your kids to put their stuff in these compartments; one could be for their pebbles collection, second could store the doll’s accessories, and so on. Your colorful “Personal Goodies” box is ready! Hang up the sweet memories intact!

Alternatively, flatten the folded ends of shoe box and make it into a nice single piece of cardboard. Stick a chart paper on it and ask you kid to paste pictures his/her favorite pictures. Pierce a hole and tie a tag along the hole. Hang it on the wall of their room and see your kids marvel on their piece of craft.

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