6 Ways to Recognize a Vampire

6 Ways to Recognize a Vampire

In the yesteryears, vampires were seen as really ferocious and dangerous human beings. Then Twilight got popular. It changed everyone`s perspective of a vampire. A vampire is now seen as a very passionate person. Every girl is in love with a vampire, in her imagination. Given a chance, she would love to be in a relation with one. But remember, fiction is different from fact. We may not know if a vampire is really a passionate person or not but he/she is first a deadly blood-sucking human being. That raises the question. How do you recognize a vampire? Here are 6 ways to recognize a vampire.

1. A vampire’s skin color is generally very pale. The white of their skin has a yellowish tinge. More aptly describing, vampires have a translucent skin.

2. Most of the vampires are male. They are very charismatic men. They have the ability to draw attention and allure people. They are considered to be very handsome and desirable.

3. The most general assumption to recognize a vampire is that they have unusually longer canine teeth. Their body is cold to touch and they often have green or rare colors of the eyeball.

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