Do iPhone Applications Help Your Child Learn Faster?

Do iPhone Applications Help Your Child Learn Faster?

From the time the Apple App Store was launched in mid-2008, billions of applications have been flooding the iPhone store. The growing number of these applications serves to show the popularity of these applications and how people are really impressed by these ‘apps’, as they call it. The App Store includes billions of applications, pertaining to games, entertainment, business and education, which are constantly updated. A recent trend that has hit the app scene is learning through the iPhone. Users have fallen head over heels for thousands of applications which allow them to learn languages, refine their artistic skills and discover new things. There are some other users who download these applications for their children.

There are several iPhone applications which help kids learn languages and hone their mathematical skills. Primarily meant for toddlers and pre-schoolers, these apps function in a fun way to help children learn new things and at a fast pace. It is said that 2-6 is the perfect age to learn language and computing skills. This is because, this is the time when the brain develops the fastest. Hence, it is the perfect time to teach children slightly complicated words, numbers and simple counting. To make the process of teaching a fun and interactive session for both parents and kids, iPhone apps are loaded with exciting graphics, funny voice overs and an easy interface. What’s more, these applications are enabled with special features that foster toddlers’ attentiveness with the help of engaging sounds and animations. They also help in the development of kids’ fine motor skills, thanks to the big buttons that make them accessible for toddlers.

From learning ABC to identifying objects, animals and counting them, everything can be learnt on an iPhone application. Some really good applications are embedded with such add-ons like claps, whistles and moans which come up after every question in a quiz or test is solved. The claps are heard after a right answer while a wrong answer pops out a moan. This way, by listening to the sound that comes next, kids learn to distinguish between the right things and the wrong ones.

While the kid is learning all of this, parents just need to sit beside the child and guide him/her through. This way, parents find it easy to teach their young ones and also get to spend quality time with their kids. When the right behavior is reinforced by parents, the child automatically learns to repeat his/her action. This is how kids learn to master basic skills. When the process is interesting, they tend to spend more time doing the same thing. This is when their pace of learning fastens.

There are several iPhone applications available on You may choose the ones which you find interesting. What’s best about these apps is that many of these are available for free or have a trial version. So, you can try out various apps and then purchase the ones that you think are best for your child.

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