5 DIY Jewelry Ideas

5 DIY Jewelry Ideas

The DIY trend is being popularized and adopted in various ways and forms. You could find multiple DIY options to enhance and add on to some existing clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, etc. The great part about DIY is that you could add your touch and elements of your choice to a product. There are great ways to create and enhance jewelry using such techniques. Here are 4 DIY jewelry ideas.

1. The DIY embellished collar

You could now use the collar that is supposed to be attached to the shirt, as a jewelry/ neck piece. You could take a fabric of your choice cut out a basic shape of collar. You could even use the collar from your old shirts or just cut out fabric in peter pan, scallop shape collars etc. You could go wild with the embellishment of your choice. Heat set stick on studs, pearls, colored stones, sequins, beads, etc. You could combine these or use it separately; they can be arranged and placed differently, scattered or evenly arranged. This jewelry piece would be unique as it is one of a kind made by you.

2. DIY feather jewelry

You could get the perfect boho chic look by accessorizing your look with feather jewelry. Fake feathers in an array of colors, sizes and prints are easily available. You could choose your pick and create long earrings, neck pieces with multiple feathers, or attach them with a hair extension. You could use extra add-ons like stones, beads, chains to enhance the look and feel.

3. The DIY vintage look

There are so many small old things that we have been collect and continue to do, but don’t really do anything with it. You could use the old, vintage buttons, keys, beads, coins, chains, brooches, decorative pins, etc., in a variety of ways. You could use them to create a unique neck piece by combining different small objects like buttons, beads coins, decorative pins or create a bracelet by using the objects as charms. You could make pendants using the old brooches, chains and decorative pins too.

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