7 Problems of Long Distance Relationships

7 Problems of Long Distance Relationships

With the advent of globalization, several men and women choose to settle across boundaries to pursue a prospering career or for education. Apart from making major compromises like going away from family and friends, these young men and women also have to alter the equations of their relationship with their ‘significant other’. This is when they tend to resort to long distance relationships. The other possibility is when people meet each other through the internet. Although, a long distance relationship seems a feasible option; many complain that the flame of love wanes as time progresses. This decay of relationships takes place due to several factors; the primal one being distance. Surviving a long distance relationship is definitely not a cakewalk. Some of the major problems arising due this relationship are the loss of communication and trust. Apart from that, a few others are mentioned below.

1. Different Time Zones

Gone are the times when people used to communicate through letters. With the growth of technology, electronic communication is all over the place. It is easy to chat, call and interact with your loved ones at lightning speed. However, when people stay far away, especially when they belong to different time zones, it is a tedious task to keep in touch. You may be all excited to talk to your beloved as soon as you get up, but he might be amid deep sleep since its midnight in his host country. Leaving messages might serve the purpose but they lack the fabric which ‘spur of the moment’ conversations behold.

2. Electronic Intervention

It may also happen that you may want to listen to your loved one’s voice live, but talking to someone on the phone and the excitement of a one-on-one conversation are miles apart. The constant ‘electronic intervention’ amid sugar-dipped talks sucks the real romance that breeds between the two of you.

3. Financial Constraints

Electronic conversations also bring financial stability into picture. You really have to have bountiful of money to make expensive long-distance calls to talk to your beloved for hours!

4. Trust

Trusting the other person is also an issue that many take into account. When you are at the other end of the globe, it’s difficult to put your beloved to a truth test. You can never bet on the fact that each and every word said by him may be true. A phone call or a video call can never tell you what’s happening in the background. It may also happen that your lover might be busy with serious business when you call him. But, you may not be able to trust his/her words because you are unable to confirm the truth.

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