6 Dazzling DIY Decorations for Christmas

6 Dazzling DIY Decorations for Christmas

Everyone would like their Christmas decorations to look different and more unique that others. If you have a creative streak, fulfill this wish by creating some dazzling DIY decorations following a few of these ideas.

1. Paper cup lights

Your innovative Christmas decorations needn’t be limited to a Christmas tree. They can extend to all your rooms and other places in your house too. Make this possible with DIY Christmas lights. Get a packet of colorful paper cups and make a hole in the base of all the cups. Also keep a few battery operated bulbs handy. Once you have strung all the cups together, place a bulb in each cup and hang all the cups upside down. You can use double sided tape to stick the bulbs inside the cups. When you switch on the bulbs, every cup will emanate light of the color that it bears.

2. Motif wreath

Wreaths don’t necessarily need to be made up of flowers. You can go all creative and use unconventional motifs on wreaths to make them unique. Use plastic snowflakes, crocheted figurines of Santa, reindeer cutouts or origami models to decorate you wreaths. You can also use one of each of these motifs to form a decorative wreath. Take your creativity one step ahead and decorate a basic Christmas wreath with edible candies and chocolates.

3. Decorative mason jars

If you are really artistic and want to add an aesthetic appeal to Christmas this year, create a Christmas installation. Use a few mason jars of different sizes, each of which you can decorate in a different way. Take one jar and fill cotton balls interspersed with paper cutouts of snowflakes. In another jar, fill colorful Christmas balls. Populate the rest of the jars with other knick-knacks like candy, colorful bulbs and Christmas shrubs. You can also paint the surfaces of transparent mason jars or place Christmas themed images inside a few of them.

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