8 Awesome Facts About Endorphins

Awesome Facts About Endorphins

Endorphins are a shortened version of endogenous morphine, so called because of its ability to reduce pain in the human body. They are small neuropeptides that the body produces to deal with the pain caused by both internal and external agents. “Enkephalin” which literally means” in the head” is also a term applied to endorphins, but is normally used to refer smaller molecules that have pain-relieving properties. Here are some awesome facts that everyone must know about endorphins.

1. Endorphins are classified as neuromodulatory

They are not neurotransmitters that transmit sensations of pain and pleasure but are neuromodulators, modifying the actions of neurotransmitters.

2. They are like proteins in the primary structure but have a different size

The primary structure is a little similar to proteins but endorphins are different with 40-50 amino acids in length.

3. Three major types of endorphins occur naturally in the human body

Beta endorphins which are found primarily in the pituitary gland and enkephalins and dynorphin which are distributed throughout the nervous system.

4. Endorphins have quite a simple way of alleviating pain

Endorphins interrelate and work with opiate receptor neurons to bring down the intensity of pain. This is a blessing for individuals afflicted with chronic pain disorders where endorphins are often found in high numbers.

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