8 Ways to Get Your Husband to Help You With Household Chores

Ways to Get Your Husband to Help You With Household Chores

Getting your husband to help you with domestic chores is quite an art and requires lot of tact and technique. Here’s how you can accomplish this seemingly difficult task rather easily:

1. Don’t nag

The moment you start nagging, it has quite the opposite effect on men. They’ll become more stubborn and chances are that you’ll end up having an argument or fight. So first of all, stop nagging. Simply resist the temptation.

2. Politely ask for help

Men by nature respond to women when they ask for help. Don’t nag or taunt, instead politely ask for help. Chances are that you’ll get what you want.

3. Don’t give too many instructions

Often men are willing to help you with your chores but the moment you start giving too many instructions on how things should be done, they lose interest. Try not to control him too much. Let him finish the task the way he wants. You can politely guide but ensure that you do not turn into a control freak. Give him some flexibility and freedom.

4. Plan and divide the chores

Discuss and plan how the domestic chores will be completed in your household. Involve your husband in the planning. Don’t simply dictate your terms. His involvement will arouse his interest and he’ll participate actively and willingly.

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