7 Christmas Decorations For Plain Walls

7 Christmas Decorations For Plain Walls

Decorating plain walls for Christmas is not a big task if you know the theme behind it. Christmas wall decorations should be creative, but at the same time reflective. Have you decorated your plain walls for this Christmas season? If not, then here are some Christmas decoration ideas for walls. Read on to know more.

1. Hang Garland

The idea of putting up a garland may be old, but it still gives a modern effect to your walls on Christmas. Put up garlands of your choice. Use a cloth garland or a paper garland for some amazing effect. If you are using a paper garland, then do write ‘joy’ or ‘peace’ in the triangles or circles you use. This would set the mood right for the Christmas season.

2. Place a beautiful wreath

When you think about Christmas, the first thing which comes to your mind is the wreath. Wreath is available in different sizes and options. Wreath can be color coordinated with your Christmas tree as well. The red and green color of the wreath will make your plain wall look lively on the wonderful occasion of Christmas, do try putting up one.

3. Use Temporary shelves

Have you heard about the temporary shelves? If you haven’t, then you must know about these shelves. Well, temporary shelves can be placed on your plain walls during Christmas. The idea is to place your Christmas decorations on the shelves. Like a Christmas card or a huge Christmas star. All the memories which you want to place, so it also makes your wall look brighter.

4. Make Christmas wall art

If you are good at painting, then why not use your talent? Take a blank canvas paper and make a Christmas decor setup. Make a Christmas tree with lots of decorations. Or make a Christmas celebration decor. You just have to hang the painting you make. Don’t worry about a perfect scene, because your effort is important. Your wall will definitely look fabulous when you would hang your painting.

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