6 Homemade Christmas Gifts For Grandparents

Homemade Christmas Gifts For Grandparents

Make your grandparents feel all the more special this Christmas season. If you are planning to gift them something, then opt for some DIY options. You heard that right! Homemade gifts would not only bring a smile on their faces but also light up their life on Christmas. Listed are some gift ideas for your grandparents. Read on to know more.

1. Glass candle holder

Decorate a simple candle holder to show your love to them. Like, if it is a glass holder, you can stick some fun stickers to make it more appealing. Or else, make some small pieces of Santa and snow man using white paper and stick it on the candle stand or a candle holder. This would surely surprise them.


If you are good at creating bookmarks, then make a holiday season book mark for your grandparents as well. Use any creative decoration of your choice. Hand crafted book marks can melt any heart. Use a big star or use snowflakes for creating the book marks. The idea is to make it in such a way, so that your grandparents see it and smile.

3. Small photo pendants

Memories always stay with people in life. Create a loving memory for your grandparents by making a small picture pendant. Use a glass holder and a simple chain. Now, cut your old pictures and crop the pictures small in size. Or, you can also use software to create some old pictures. Insert it in a glass holder pendant and chain. When you would gift this to your grandparents, their expression would be priceless.

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