Teach Your Kids Gardening and Toy Making at Home

Teach Your Kids Gardening and Toy Making at Home

The recent recession, inflation and low economic downturn together has made people think twice before spending every extra penny. Going for trips on every holiday is not a feasible option anymore. There are, however, hordes of activities that you can do with your kids sitting at home. You will not only save money in the bargain but also get some of your work done and bond better with the kids.

It is common for parents to enroll their kids in some activity classes like painting, pottery, dancing or gardening. This is because they want to keep their kids occupied but away from home, so that parents can carry on with their chores. It is, however, better to involve your kids in your household chores. In this way, you are training your child to do tasks that are usually meant for adults and at the same time, getting him/her do some of your household chores. Read ahead to find the activities that you can do with kids during holidays.

1. Gardening

Kids love playing and getting messy. Playing in the soil is one of the healthiest ways of growing up. This not only makes the kids immune to infections like eczema but they also begin to love nature. So, take your kids to the garden and make them water plants, pluck flowers and make beautiful bouquets, sow seeds and monitor the growth of various plants. You can teach them the names of plants and ask them to refer books and find out the uses of these plants. Ask your kids to maintain a scrapbook in which they can enter the growth statistics of the plants.

2. Toy Making

Have you forgotten your childhood days when you used to make your own toys and play with them? It is time you refreshed your memory. Help your children make various kinds of toys like a whistle, toy train, windmill etc. Teach them the principles underlying the toys and how they are used for making bigger household appliances. In this way, they not only gain knowledge but also get interested in the learning process.

You can thus have a fun-filled, interesting vacation for your child without spending a single penny. You not only save money during holidays but also impart an invaluable amount of knowledge in the process.

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