9 Amazing Facts About Chocolate

9 Amazing Facts About Chocolate

Chocolate has been long called the food of gods and long has been associated with feeling good. Chocolate has not only been eaten by almost everyone in the world but it is also used as a beauty product and tops the list as a gift. Here are some interesting and amazing facts about chocolate that everyone must know.

1. It is a very long history

Research has shown that chocolate has been used as long as 2500 years ago. The Mayans from Central America believed chocolate to be a divine food. It was both taken as a food and also offered as a sacrifice to please gods and found a place in other rituals. Although not in the current form, the early chocolates were rich cacao in a syrupy state.

2. Although originally from central America, a major portion of cacao, the base ingredient of chocolate is grown in Africa

Almost 66 % of cacao is grown in Africa and only 15 countries produce about 98% of the world cacao.

3. Chocolate actually gives you a high

It is not only the sugar rush from chocolate that makes you feel good, but also the high levels of serotonin and endorphin found in chocolates that give you a good feeling. Chocolate also acts as a mild depressant.

4. Although high in fat, chocolate is not completely bad for you

This also depends on what kind of chocolate you prefer. Dark chocolate is the best as it is good for your heart as well as for your skin. Chocolates also contain a low level of cholesterol making you enjoy it guilt free.

5. The word chocolate comes from the Mayan word ‘xocalati’

Xocalati means bitter water and it makes sense because the early Mayans did not add sugar or anything else to sweeten it up. It is also said that they added a kind of hallucinogenic mushroom to the cacao concoction to take their mind off the bitter taste.

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