6 Ways to Get the Punk Rock Look

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Punk rock followed the flower power phase of the 1960s which was all about color and peace that gave way to rebellion and anger in the 1970s. The common theme of the punk look is rebellion as the look was adapted as a way of protesting against the then prevailing status quo. This look is all about refusing to conform to fashion and it allows for a lot of creativity. If you have a rebellious streak and don’t care a damn about what the society says about your appearance, then try out these steps to get the perfect punk rock look.

1. Ripped bottoms

Take a regular pair of skinny jeans or leather pants and slice some holes in them. Add metal studs and chains by sewing them on to the pants or attaching by safety pins. Using fabric paint, you can paint graphics, such as anarchy symbols, on the jeans as well. One common way to make pants punk, is to cut some holes in the pants and then pin the holes shut with several safety pins. Do this in several places on the fabric and you’ve created a good punk pair of jeans.

2. Metal and leather

Put on your heavy black boots and a leather jacket or a custom-designed denim jacket to radiate the tough chick look. Look out for outfits with chains and metals studs or add them on your own. Stone washed gray jeans and leather pants are great for this look.

3. Style your hair with hair wax or gel

Style your hair in an extreme style with heavy duty gels or hair wax are. The classic Mohawk works well and so does any other style which makes your hair stand up and look different from the other common feminine styles. Also, use a lot of hair spray if you have long hair and back comb them so that a puff is visible on top of your head.

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