7 Secrets You Shouldn’t Tell Your Boyfriend

7 Secrets You Shouldn't Tell Your Boyfriend

Truth is the base of any relationship. Trust comes through truth only. But at times, truth can be harmful also. Listed here are some secrets you shouldn’t tell your boyfriend.

1. About your past boyfriends

A man’s ego gets hurt when he comes to know that he is not the first guy in your life. So if you are entering a relationship and are planning to maintain transparency with him, then drop the idea. Tell him only the required things and zip up your lips for the detailed past experiences.

2. How charming his friends are

Your boyfriend might be a calm man but jealousy persists everywhere. If you will admire his friend on his face, then he will surely get annoyed. He might also think that you like his friend rather than him.

3. Passwords of your social networking sites

Social networking sites exist to enhance your friend circle. It is also the place where you chit-chat with long lost friends. Hence, don’t reveal the password of your account as he will come to know your contacts and may also gain access to your personal information.

4. That you bother about his extra pounds

Your man might be a heavy weight guy and this thing might bother you. But don’t speak about it ever on his face. Your boyfriend will feel embarrassed and he may hesitate walking with you after listening to this.

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