7 Awesome Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Listed below are some cool and awesome father’s day gift ideas that we know you will love. They are all easy, interesting and unique. And most of these gifts can be made at home and so are very inexpensive.

1. Hand-made greeting card

Rather than buying the usual and traditional father’s day greeting card, how about making one this year? Get together a few craft pieces and make a greeting card. There are numerous tutorials available online which will teach you how to make impressive cards in just a few minutes.

2. Best dad trophy

Gift your father with his own personal trophy that he would love to show off. Don’t mention a year, but mention something like forever, or throughout. Make a sturdy trophy that will last for a long time.

3. Daddy poem

Write a lovely little poem praising your dad and showing him how much you love him. You can stick small glitters and frame the poem so that your dad can hang it in his office or study room.

4. Massage coupon

Gift your dad something that he will appreciate. A good Thai massage will rejuvenate and refresh his body and mind. So, get a coupon from a leading massage center and gift it to your dad.

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