Are You Giving Your Baby The Right Food?

Are You Giving Your Baby The Right Food?

Newborn babies need good food for their proper growth and development. While mother’s milk is a constant thing to be fed to infants for the initial period, it is vital to keep introducing other foods on a timely basis to develop the baby’s diet.

If you are confused whether you are giving the right foods to your baby or not, go through the simple checklist below to clear your doubts and understand where you are going wrong.

1. Are you feeding breast milk?

When the baby is born, breastfeeding is one of the most important things for a mother to maintain, at least up till 1 year of age. For many people, in a few cultures and countries across the world, it is a mandate till even 2 years of age. However, you must keep checking with your doctor on a regular basis and understand when and how you can stop the breastfeeding process.

2. Have you introduced solid foods?

One must remember that babies must not be given solid foods unless they are ready for it. Most infants are ready for it around the age of 6 months, where pea-sized pieces of soft vegetables can be fed to them, along with other foods. The natural iron reserve (with which babies are born) starts to fade around 6 months of age, so it is important to start introducing iron-rich foods around this time.

3. Is the food natural or processed?

Your baby’s body will develop health and immunity on the basis of what you feed him/ her in the initial few years. So it is vital for you to feed natural and fresh foods to the baby rather than packaged or processed ones that contain preservatives and other chemicals.

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