7 Reasons Why Space is Important in a Relationship

7 Reasons Why Space is Important in a Relationship

When couples don’t give each other the space to grow as individuals and hinder their personal development, problems are likely to crop up. With women, either the sacrifice is made on the girl friends front or realizing their ambitions. Here are 7 reasons why space is important in a relationship.

1. It gives you an opportunity to better your relationship

When you step back and dial it down by asking for emotional and physical space, you can see the flaws and problems in your relationship and work towards it.

2. It helps you reconnect with yourself

Getting some well-earned space, helps you to understand yourself better, spend some alone time in reading and listening to music. It’s the time you get to find yourself.

3. It helps you to connect with your friends and stay involved in their lives

With most couples, they are so self-involved that they have no idea what’s happening in their friends’ life. Your partner is not a substitute for your girl friends. You need some space to be with them, share their feelings and just enjoy some girl time.

4. It may even help you to assess your relationship in terms of compatibility

Sometimes when you get the desired space, you realize that you were being stifled and suffocated. It helps you think if you are compatible in the true sense.

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