How to Impress His Friends?

How to Impress His Friends?

Making friends is not an easy thing. It depends on your behavior and how outgoing you are. To become popular among his friends, you need to raise your confidence level, improve your socializing skills and have a cheerful and pleasant smile. Here are some tips on how to make friends with his buddies and impress them.

1. Be yourself

Never hesitate to express your views and opinions. Try to be yourself. Ignore the people who insult you for your opinions. You will be outnumbered by the people who love you for being yourself.

2. Spend time with them

Try to spend more time around his friends. As you spend more and more time with his friends, they will get to know more and more about you and eventually they will start liking you.

3. Know their likes and dislikes

Know the interests, likes and dislikes of his friends. It is not necessary to have common interests in order to make them friends. You can share your interests, hobbies and other activities with them.

4. Smile always

Always take their jokes and comments in a positive manner. Even if you are feeling down, there is always something to smile about. Don’t allow the smile to disappear from your face. Try to smile as much as you can. The smile on your face shows you are person beaming with positivity.

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