4 Most Painful Moments in Life

4 Most Painful Moments in Life

Life is a kaleidoscope of joys and sorrows. There come many moments in life when your heart is torn apart and you can actually feel it break. The pain is almost like a real physical wound. Nevertheless, human spirit perseveres and life carries on. But these painful moments leave scars that keep pricking. Listed here are some such painful moments in life.

1. You fail your loved ones

Some of the most painful moments in life are when you fail your loved ones and have to bear the pain and disappointment reflected in their eyes. You know you tried out best but your best was not good enough. It is not so much as pain; it is more of a guilt, which causes you to succumb emotionally.

2. You are cheated upon or your love dumps you

Ideal relationships are meant to last but not all relationships are ideal. You give in your all to the relationship, just to ensure that it endures. Finally, if you come to know that your love has been double timing you, that is when your heart is shattered. The feeling of being dumped, which gives rise to a horde of other feelings, can be extremely painful.

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