8 Ways to Move on After You have been Cheated by Your Boyfriend

Ways to Move on After You have been Cheated by Your Boyfriend

Relationships never come with a guarantee card. There is also no ‘best before’ date on them, or any ‘expiry date’ pre-decided for them, so that we can be mentally prepared about them right from the beginning. Fortunately or unfortunately, relationships are not like products on shelves, and happen from the heart. And while your heart may still be in it, there is no way you can judge when the other person’s heart is not.

This is exactly what happens when people cheat on their partners in a relationship. While you might be living in a bubble that you have the most beautiful relationship in the world with the perfect boyfriend, you never know when he might start considering you imperfect. You never know when he might be finding better comfort in someone else’s arms and may be reconsidering about his relationship with you.

Life is not always easy and sweet, and there will be times when people cheat on you and walk out of your life. In the case of them cheating on you, it’s actually better that you yourself throw them out of your life! However, it’s natural for people to feel the pain for sometime, and to feel dejected and depressed. But since the show must go on, and you must continue to live your life happily, here are a few ways in which you can move on easily after your boyfriend has cheated you.

1. Meet a lot of friends

Believe it or not, sitting at home alone and thinking about the issue over and over again is just going to make you feel more miserable. While you may be of the opinion that you’ll be fine if you are left alone, the truth is, you need to make an effort to move on. And for that, you need to be around friends who will help you do that. Friends will make sure that they scold you each time you bring up the topic of your ex, and will pamper you with all the love and attention you need to forget about your past miseries.

2. Take a break from social media

Social media has a certain way of depressing a person. The more you go online, the more pictures of your ex with his current girlfriend you will encounter. Or your mutual friends will keep on pestering you to know the details of your breakup. Some gossipmongers will make it worse by tagging you both on the same kind of posts to see your reactions, or will unnecessarily give you unwanted details of his life to see your response and then talk about that to him. So ideally, it’s best to not go on these sites for a few days, and take a break till you are ready to take it all in.

3. Do things you missed out on

With each relationship, it is natural for you to put all your free time and energy into making it work. Needless to say, in that process, you often end up compromising on what you actually want to do. Certain things like following a hobby, or for that matter, sitting alone in the apartment and just reading a book and lazing around are things you compromise on. With him out of your life now, you can actually spend time on doing things that you wanted to do for long, but couldn’t because of your relationship bringing in some kind of unintentional restrictions on you.

4. Go for a vacation

Sometimes, a change of place means a change of heart and mind. Moving out of the city for a few days might help in changing your mood. Plus, traveling is always exciting. Go to some new or unexplored place, and enjoy the freedom of traveling at your own pace and on your own terms. It gives a very empowering feeling, and you feel more confident, light, relaxed and liberated.

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