7 Tips to Deal With a Hostile Work Environment

7 Tips to Deal With a Hostile Work Environment

Hostile work environment essentially refers to the work environment in which the worker is mistreated and stressed to such an extent that it becomes extremely impossible or difficult for him to work. If you are a victim of a hostile work environment, you have to be very careful while dealing with it. Handling of any kind of workplace bullying or harassment should be done professionally, yet aggressively you should make it clear to the offending person that such kind of behavior is unacceptable. Here are some of the tips that will help you deal with the hostile work environment.

1. Prepare yourself mentally to face conflicts

As far as possible, try staying away from all sorts of arguments and drama in the office. Always avoid instigating insults or sharp comebacks in the form of negative or abusive words. Troublemakers would actually want you to fall into an argument and all sorts of unnecessary spectacle by trying to ignite you with their actions or words. The smartest way to deal with such a situation is to remain calm and respond in the minimum possible words.

2. Do not assume things

Rather than assuming things about certain scenarios at the work place or jumping to the conclusion about your colleague’s behavior, it is always better to get to know the truth inside out. Before assuming that there is a problem, make it a point to clarify the facts and confirm that there is a problem.

3. Confront the person involved

On hearing something derogatory or humiliating about yourself from the third person, it is always better to straight away confront the person involved and seek clarification. Talk directly to the involved person. This might prevent others from talking behind your back.

4. Keep the management and Human Resource in the loop

Keep your manager and HR in the loop while dealing with the workplace hostility. Taking your matter to the top officials and the HR might help you in dealing effectively and professionally with your problem. You can hold them accountable for rectifying your current working scenarios. By knowing about your problem, they can investigate it at their end and accordingly take necessary action against the offender. This will curb inappropriate behavior of your colleague.

5. Draw a line

Your current position in your company might require you to collaborate with the negative person and work with him as a team. Under such circumstances, you should draw a line and set certain limits on your relationship with him/her. Avoid being friendly or sympathetic towards the negative person. Try spending time with such person only in a structured setting. Discourage any personal communication with such person. Explicitly put forth that you are happy with your work and not affected by the negativity instigated by him/her.

6. Keep yourself busy with your work

The best way to keep yourself away from all nonsense at the workplace is by completely immersing yourself into your work. This will keep you away from all unnecessary distractions and help you stay grounded even in times of crisis.

7. Talk to your coworkers

Dealing with a negative work culture is quite a daunting task. There are chances that just like you even some other colleague in your office might be struggling with the similar issue. Under such circumstances, talking to such person would be beneficial by making you feel that you are not the only one.

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