6 Best Ways to Break the Ice with a New Guy

6 Best Ways to Break the Ice with a New Guy

If you want to break the ice with a new guy you want to befriend or date, all you need is confidence. A confident approach will always help you to strike a conversation. There are many ways to break the ice as well, so continue reading the post.

1. Approach him at a party

If you spot a new guy or even the guy you have been crushing on at a party, behave in a casual way. Go to him and simply mention something like this place needs better music. This is enough to strike a conversation. Discuss music, and you will get to other topics as well. Don’t forget to ask him if he is alone at the party.

2. Ask for his help at college

If you study in the same class, use assignments as a reason to talk. Tell him that you need his help or simply talk about the syllabus. He will help you or talk to you regarding studies. Once you are comfortable with him, you will be friends in no time.

3. Go up to him and start talking

If you like a particular guy, then have the guts to go and tell him ‘hi’. You heard it right, if you are confident about this, you will definitely get a reply. This proactive approach will make him feel happy and revert back. Simply tell him that you want to be his friend. Once you are compatible, you can ask him out on a date.

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