9 Tips on How to Get Smooth Legs

9 Tips on How to Get Smooth Legs

Smooth and shining legs are what every girl craves for. Every one of us wants to flaunt their soft and smooth legs in those cute skirts and sexy shorts, but getting those picture perfect legs may be eluding some of you. So here are some simple tips to keep your legs smooth and sexy, always.

1. Moisturize thoroughly

Dry skin looks flaky and ugly. The first and foremost rule of getting beautiful legs is to keep them thoroughly hydrated and moisturized. So invest in a good body moisturizer and use it generously every day, and especially before going to bed.

2. Get rid of hairs on legs

Hairs on legs are an eye sore which can spoil your looks. You can get rid of those unwanted hair either by waxing or shaving. Alternatively, you can use hair removal creams available in the market. Sometimes, some women may be allergic to wax or their skin may develop rashes after waxing. In that case, shaving is another good option for them.

3. Prepare properly for hair removal

This involves taking care of certain things that will ensure your legs remain smooth for a longer time. For this, moisturize your skin before shaving, at least 12-14 hours in advance.

4. Use a good quality razor with multiple sharp blades

Using a sharp razor instead of a cheap one will ensure the whole shaving process goes easy on your legs so that the end result is smooth legs.

5. Soak your skin in warm water

Or else, have a bath without soap before shaving. The basic idea is to hydrate your skin thoroughly before you start with the procedure. Warm water will ensure that your pores open up allowing a better and smoother shave.

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