6 Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Bisexual

Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Bisexual

Everything is going good in your relationship, but suddenly you see a change in your boyfriend’s behavior. Is he spending more time with his male friends than with you? Confused? Don’t be, because your boyfriend might be bisexual by nature. Listed below are some signs which indicate that your boyfriend is bisexual.

1. If he spends more time with guys

If your boyfriend spends more time with male friends, then something is fishy. Bisexuals do not exhibit their behavior in front of all the people. Your boyfriend could be normal with you, and act differently when around guy friends.

2. If he is not interested in being intimate

If he is not interested in being intimate with you, then be sure something is just not right. If you see him getting all close and personal with his male friends, then this would be a proof of him being a bisexual by nature. He may not be interested in making love to you.

3. If he pretends to be straight

If he is not comfortable with the idea of being gay or bisexual, then he may also use cuss words for them. Or, he might just avoid speaking about the topic of bisexuality. This is a suppressed case of him being a bisexual. He might have feelings for other male friends, but he might be scared to express those feelings.

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