How To Bring Back Fun To Your Marriage?

How To Bring Back Fun To Your Marriage?

After dusting the photo album, Marian decided to open it. Tears welled up in her eyes as each snapshot reminded her of the fun she and Chuck had as sweethearts and newly weds. Here they were on a ski trip at Sun Valley, Chuck playfully hoisting her above the snow. Here she held a dandalion Chuck had just given her. And here was the happy couple on the day of their wedding. “Where did those good times go?”, she wondered.

It was not that their marriage had turned completely sour. Chuck was in many ways a model husband, and she couldn’t imagine life with anyone else. They had a lovely home and two bright children. But they seldom spent time together and never seemed to laugh anymore. Whole evenings passed in silence. Even their sex life had lost its fun. Marian summed up the marriage in three words: Dull,dull,dull.

The joy of marriage is easy to lose in today’s fast-paced world. But it can be brought back if both partners are willing to try. It does not even require a great deal of time, just commitment. If your marriage has lost its spirit of fun, here are suggestions from us on how to bring it back.

1. Let your guard down

The very first step towards bringing back your happiness is to let your guard down by letting yourself go. Even after many years of marriage, you should make conscious efforts to have fun. Go on a vacation leaving your children, as they are grown up and can take care of themselves. Just let go off your stress and take your time off.

2. Plan to be spontaneous

Planned spontaneity sounds contradictory. But you can’t be spontaneous, if you dont have time to be. Carve time for yourselves, away from other distractions, to do whatever you like. Take an afternoon off and drive out to see the winter snowscapes, just the two of you. Go for a brunch at a nice spot, wander in the meadows. The point is go anywhere but keep time reserved for yourselves and just try to snap off all the rest.

3. Be playful

Remember how you used to call each other by pet names? And how you used to giggle for no reason, just because you were happy together? After you are married and time passes, you often hear things like, “grow up, act your age” or “not in front of the children”. But playful intimacy transcends age. Playful intimacy is a matter of reigniting the spark of a relationship by touching. The affectionate pat, the sudden hug, the teasing tickle can say “I love being with you” more effectively than words.

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