10 Tips to Select the Right Life Partner

10 Tips to Select the Right Life Partner

Usually, when you are dating someone for a really long time, somewhere at the back of your head you know that this will turn into marriage. This is the perfect setup that most people dream of. However, what if you’ve never found love in the true sense, and are still looking for a life partner? Or what if you’ve dated a few people in the past, but now that you feel like settling down, you have nobody who you can consider to be your partner?

This is a situation faced by a lot of people. After making up their minds that they are finally looking to settle down in life, some people find their partners in their friends, while others find the right match through mutual connections, matrimony websites etc.
When you have someone in mind that you think is on the list of ‘potential people who can be with you for the rest of your life’, here are a few things that you should consider. These will help you understand whether the person is the right choice or not.

1. Find commonalities and similarities

For two people to live together peacefully, there are some things that need to be common and similar between the two of them. Even though they say that opposites attract, it is still important to have some interests or hobbies in common, which act as the first few steps to attraction and bonding in the first place. So find out if you and your potential partner have some things in common.

2. Look for similar wavelength

Similarities don’t need to be limited to hobbies and interests only. You also need to find out if your potential partner’s thinking is similar to you or not. Similar ideologies and way of thinking are essential for two people to live together, because the differences in opinions, and different thinking are what cause fights in the first place.

3. Check for monetary stability

Your potential life partner needs to be monetarily stable, in a way that he can take care of his future wife and kids. Moreover, if he is someone who doesn’t have a stable job, or does not consider the idea of saving very important, then it could be a trouble later on, especially when savings are needed for your future kids.

4. Does he respect you as an individual?

A marriage is a bond of mutual respect and understanding. You need to find out if he thinks the same way, with regards to you. If he expects you to make compromises or sacrifices of any kind post marriage, then he is in a way cutting out features of your individuality. You shouldn’t let that happen because your individuality is important; it defines you. Give this freedom to him, and choose someone who gives the same freedom to you.

5. Seek consent from near and dear ones

Sometimes, seeking the consent of your family members is also very important. Even if you like the guy, maybe your family members don’t like the way he behaves with them. Or it could be a situation where your future in-laws are not very sure about you. Obviously, you don’t want any bitter arguments after marriage. So when you’re trying to build a new long-term relationship, you need to see that it is not affecting all your other important relationships. Moreover, your parents will be sharing their point of view with more experience.

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