7 Signs That You are a Relationship Hopper

7 Signs That You are a Relationship Hopper

It’s romantic to be impulsive, fun and passionate. It brings a certain charm and delight to your relationship if you have that sort of personality. But if you are shifty and flaky when it comes to being in a relationship, you need to back up. Jumping from one relationship to the next like you are on a spree or something is not a healthy way to deal with relationship issues. Here are 7 signs which suggest that you are a relationship hopper.

1. You are afraid of commitment

You are commitment phobic. As things start working out, he is happy and so are you and he poses serious questions of living together or officially calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend, you totally freak out and break up with him, moving on to someone else in no time.

2. You have a negative idea about marriage

You don’t like the idea of being settled and tied to one person. It feels like bondage. You don’t feel there is a guy out there for you who you want to be with forever. When someone talks about marriage, you get cold feet or mocked at the mere idea.

3. You don’t like the idea of being single

When you break up with a guy, you didn’t give yourself the time to come out of the break up, put things in perspective before you take the plunge again. Being single is out of question for you, and hence, even after your breakup you don’t change your status anywhere.

4. You feel that your life is too bland

You entertain the notion that life has to be colorful, being with different people, dating and enjoying, rather than sticking with one person to live the monotony. Hence, you jump into a new one soon after.

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