8 Dating Tips For Shy Girls

Dating Tips For Shy Girls

Has there ever been a situation when you are amongst a lively bunch of people in a hot pool party, and you never ended meeting up with the man you spotted as very attractive from far? Well, then this is for you. The first diagnosis that you are shy isn’t rocket science for sure. Now it’s time for the second diagnosis, your inhibitions. Although you are beautiful and attractive yourself, you are not able to muster the courage and go to that hunk you’ve been eying since the longest time. Read on to overcome this and become a more confident dater. After every party, you’ll end up with a man in your arm! If you are shy and if your friends know that you’ve been eying someone, they’ll deliberately try to nudge you to do something outrageous and ask the man out. Don’t get into something like this. Take it step by step.

1. Move beyond your circle

When we’re in a party, we tend to stay amid our own group of people, the ones with whom we are familiar. This bars us from meeting new people because we never move out of our comfort zone. You should start roaming about in the party, sit at the bar for some time or ask some common friends to introduce you to other people. This way you will have a chance of increasing number of your friends which is critical for eventually dating the man you want to.

2. Don’t show your nervousness

Even if you are under tension before approaching the man you would like to date, don’t overtly display it. Think twice and calm yourself down before taking any step. Make sure you don’t start blabbering irrelevant things. Ensure your hands don’t become sweaty. You think he can’t see this but he will easily be able to make this out. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and enjoy your drink. Guys love girls who are comfortable and confident with themselves. Don’t try to woo your guy with that typical girly shy smile. If you see your man approaching you, throw him a lovely broad smile and watch how it works like a charm.

3. Be a conversation starter

Being shy, it’s going to be typical of you to wait for the opposite person to start a conversation. Don’t fall into the trap of waiting for your potential date to pick up a talk; otherwise you will never end up dating him. You can even practice some generic sounding conversation starter lines. A compliment on how he looks would sound great, for instance. The fact that you can start a conversation shows that you have the capability of taking initiative.

4. Reverse the rules

Who has written the rule that a man should pay the bill each time? Or a man should get a drink for a woman? It’s all in our mind. If you subtly reverse this trend, not only will you come out as a bold outgoing woman, but he will also feel that you have the guts to go against the convention. The man you are aiming at will instantly remember you by face and by name. Offer the man a drink, surprise him and hit the ball rolling.

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