6 Tips to Stop Impulse Shopping

6 Tips to Stop Impulse Shopping

Shopping is a great way to relax. It also lifts up your spirit and is a great cure for depression. We shop for many reasons. We shop for essentials, we shop for the holidays, we shop to buy gifts, we shop to decorate our houses, and we shop for clothes, accessories and so much more. Shopping whether we like it or not has become such an essential part of our lives that almost all of us do it whether we like it or not. When you are out shopping, most of you would have at least once bought something that you actually do not need, but buy it anyway taken by an impulse or just because you like it. This kind of shopping when you buy something without thinking it through is called the impulse shopping and everyone would have done it at some point in their lives only to regret it later. Impulse shopping could be pretty damaging if we do not know how to control it. Here are a few tips to stop impulse shopping.

1. Make a list

Make a list of things that you need to buy when you go out shopping and try to stick to the list. If possible, take cash and take only enough cash that would cover the items in your list. This way you would stop buying extra things even if you are tempted.

2. Hide the extra cards

Have just one card when you go out shopping. Hide the extra cards and use this one card to do your shopping and keep track of the money you spend on this card. When you carry a lot of cards with you on a shopping trip, you will also tend to max out all the cards.

3. Have a reminder in your phone

Set your reminder for every ten minutes or so in your phone or in any device that you carry to remind you not to do any unnecessary shopping. Even if you want to buy something, the reminder will let you know that you don’t actually need it and that you had good reasons to put the reminder in the first place.

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