Is An Online Relationship Cheating?

Is An Online Relationship Cheating?

Today, the Internet forms an inseparable and inevitable part of your life. Almost everything from your day-to-day life is connected to the Internet where you can shop, meet old friends, make new contacts and even contact your family living miles away. What’s more, you can even fall in love online! Cyber space provides a forum for people from all around the world to come together, interact and make new relationships. But, in such cases, the question that arises is whether these ‘online relationships’ are genuine or are fake or another way to cheat a person. Or whether it is cheating if you are in an online relationship in spite of having a partner. Let’s look at different aspects of online relationships.

Why do people look for online relationships?

In their day-to-day life, people face many problems in their relationships, at their workplace, college or university. In many cases, they wish to vent out their dismay with someone who can listen, understand, and, most importantly, is not someone from their mundane life, someone unknown. They know that they don’t have to bother about any of their personal information shared with that person getting disclosed. There is a sense of security as people are sure that the person whom they are talking to will never meet them in person. They can simply speak their heart out. Also, it has been noticed that people seek such online friends when they have a problematic relationship with their closest mate.

Guarantee of anonymity

After spilling their heart out, when people switch off their computer/laptop or any other connecting device, they are aware that they are going back to their real life. But, the fact remains that they have vented out their agony and they feel light after that especially because when it comes to online relationships, there is a guarantee of anonymity.

When does trouble ring a bell?

A regular conversation with the same person during a chat session naturally builds an unnamed bond between the two. This bond, being emotional, becomes stronger with every secret shared, with every conversation made. And usually people end up developing some strange affection towards each other. Some of them end up having online affairs. This ‘strange’ affection should be enough to ring a bell for immediate attention.

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