4 Facts About Self Hypnosis You Must Know

4 Facts About Self Hypnosis You Must Know

Self hypnosis or autohypnosis is a trance like state that you can bring yourself to. It is a self-induced hypnotic state. It makes uses of auto suggestion a technique formed by Emile Coue. Emile Coue became one of the most influential figures of the self hypnosis technique. Although he distanced himself from hypnosis, he called his technique self hypnosis, as did his followers. However modern hypnotherapists claim him as part of his field. Self-hypnosis is all about the positive power of your thoughts. You will have to concentrate on one thing that you want and intense concentration say, hypnotherapist’s makes things happen as long as they are within the realm of possibility. Like for example an asthma patient can follow and practice self hypnosis and if he or she were to really concentrate hard on thinking it can be cured, it might just as well happen. Self hypnosis is used in a lot of medicinal fields and alternate medicine to relieve pain and also cure. Here are some facts you should know about self hypnosis.

1.Self hypnosis is used extensively in the field of modern hypnotherapy

Self-hypnosis is used extensively in modern hypnotherapy and in this case it takes the form of hypnosis carried out by means of a learned routine. Self Hypnosis allows a person to gain from deep potential present in them and makes a person more relaxed and yielding than normal.

2.There are four distinct steps in self hypnosis

Motivation- This is the first step, without which an individual will find it difficult to practice self hypnosis.
Relaxation- If the mind or the body is not relaxed, you cannot start self hypnosis.
Concentration- You need to focus really hard as your mind produces energy each time you focus and concentrate hard on something.
Directing- If you have just one goal, you need to think about just that one thing and not let your mind scatter

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