8 Signs You are a Leo

7 Signs You are a Leo

The sun is your Zodiac sign and just like the sun you shine brightly and reflect the other characteristics. If you can find some similarities between you and the following traits then it is a sure sign that you are a Leo.

1. You have perfected the art of giving.

Everyone gives things to people, but as a Leo you don’t really think about the pros and cons of giving and you have more or less perfected the art of giving without causing inconvenience to you or the receiver.

2. You may think that you are very independent

But the truth is that you cannot live without the admiration and the comments that others give you. Since you are also full of thanks for the admiration that people shower on you, people also do not generally ten to withhold the admiration and praise.

3. Sometimes you can be seen as a tyrant

When you give to other people, you also expect them to reciprocate in the same manner. When they do not, you do not take offense but jump in and try to change them. Some people might be okay with it but most others may look at it like you are forcing them to give more than they can really afford to. You will be more likeable if you stop expecting the same from others.

4. You have a great sense of timing

Even when you are dispensing advice on something trivial, you have a great sense of timing that actually helps others when put to use. This makes you very popular among friends and people who want to hear your opinion on a lot of things.

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