Top 5 Bakeries in New York

Top 5 Bakeries in New York

Is there anything more sinful than digging into a gooey chocolate mud cake or a greater pleasure than biting into a perfectly baked cookie? We say ‘no’. And what better place in the world than the Big Apple to try out some of the best and the tastiest baked goods. At NYC, some of the best in the baking world fight it out to churn out some of the most sought after cakes and pastries. Here is a low down on the top 5 bakeries in New York that should be on your list for some indulgence.

1. Bouchon Bakery

With 6 stores in New York and 5 more across Yountville, Las Vegas & Beverly Hills, Thomas Keller sure got this formula for success right. From being an assistant at his mother’s restaurant to working with the best of the Michelin stars restaurant, Thomas set up Bouchon Bakery 5 years after the success of his French bistro by the same name. Having worked in France initially, Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bakery brings the best of French baking to the people of NYC.

The menu is a mix of ingenuity and simplicity with a spread including tarts, puffs, and palmiers to buttery croissants among others. Their lemon tart and chocolate tart are two classics. Also try their macaroons with flavors that change from season to season. The French are known for their breakfast and Bouchon has the perfect formula including muffins, scones and a home specialty called Chocolate Bouchons, which are small brownie-like moist treats, named for their shape. It resembles a cork- made with chocolate chips & dusted with sugar. This bakery is worth a visit considering Thomas Keller was named ‘America’s Best Chef’ by the Time Magazine.

2. City Bakery

Located on 3 West 18th Street Union Square, the City bakery is known for its one and only ‘Pretzel Croissant’, apart from other delicacies. This part bakery part cafe is known for using organic ingredients sourced from the Union Square farmer’s market. The founder/owner of this bakery took only 6 days to fall in love with this profession. A 6 day pastry course is all that took Maury Rubin to become a baker initially in Paris and then move back to NY to start a classic neighborhood bakery, giving birth to The City Bakery in 1990. Right from their hot chocolate to their baked goods, Maury is the face of the bakery. He is also the creator of many innovative things such as The City Bakery Hot Chocolate Festival, Drink City – a 1998 specialty beverage business at Grand Central Terminal among others.

Apart from a selection of sumptuous tarts, muffins and cookies, the City Bakery also whips up salads, soup, sandwiches and speciality pizzas. But one dish on their menu that wins hands down is the Pretzel Croissant, an unusual combination of a pretzel and the croissant. Just the right combination of the buttery sweetness and the coarse salt and the flaky outer crust is enough to transport you to a different world. When combined with a cup of hot chocolate, this mean bread can give the croissants and pretzels of the world a run for their money.

3. Soutine Bakery

The first thing that will hit you when you enter this bakery is the warm smell of baked bread and croissants. THE place to go if you are looking to bite into some of the tastiest and, not to forget certified by Zagat as the ‘Best Pies and Tarts in New York’, then head to Soutine Bakery.

Soutine started by late Barry Rosenberg was initially a catering company that was turned into a bakery. It doles out some of the most authentic croissants, fruit tarts and a mean chocolate Concord cake, a combination of meringue and mousse that has people coming back to this place. You can choose anything from the classic apple pie to key lime to strawberry rhubarb. Their specialty also includes a flourless truffle cake, chocolate layer cake filled with mousse, fresh berries, cream & banana chocolate chip bread.

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