8 Rules for Friends With Benefits

8 Rules for Friends With Benefits

Time has changed, so have relationships. Friendship was a pure emotion earlier, but today there are friends with benefits. If you are one of those who believe in friends with benefits, then there are some rules to follow. Read on to know more.

1. Do not get emotionally involved

If you have decided to remain as a friend with benefits, there is no place for emotional involvement. If you get emotionally involved with your friend, this can make you realize how compatible you are and generate romantic feelings. So keep it less complicated.

2. Do not get obsessive

You should not chase him or get obsessive about him in any way. He is not your boyfriend, so maintain a distance from him. Do not call or text him throughout the day as it will only change your equation with him.

3. Do not tell anyone

This should be between your friend and you, do not involve anyone in this matter. It is best to keep this a secret. If you tell other friends about this, not only may they blurt it to someone else, but it can create awkward social situations.

4. Do not get jealous

He is just your friend with benefits, so you do not have any right to get jealous. The next time you see him with a girl, bear this in mind.

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