5 Beauty Tips for New Moms

5 Beauty Tips for New Moms

Motherhood changes you for once and for all. There are women who think there is no need for self-pampering after becoming a mom. This feeling might evolve with the increased sense of responsibility or lack of time. However, new moms can grab eyeballs as much as their tiny tots do. So, staying fit and beautiful will make you more comfortable and confident and definitely get you some praises! Check out 5 beauty tips that can refresh the spirits of new moms like you, when baby chores bog you down.

1. Dress up in style

Oh ya! We can understand that those leaky breasts will result in stained tops and those cliched sloppy sweat pants will make you comfortable. But hiding those stains and scrapping those pants with something stylish can make you look beautiful. Go for dark colored bright tops with harems or Capri to complement it. You can also wear cotton cashmere or yoga pants with a colorful T-shirt for a great look. Also, complete your look with matching accessories and embrace mommyhood in style.

2. Work on your eyes

Just dressing properly will not make you a stylish mom. Your face, especially your eyes can speak a lot. So ensure you work on it a bit. The first and foremost, sleep well to avoid puffiness or dark circles under your eyes. You can hide your dark circles with concealers or by keeping a refrigerated cucumber slice on top of your eyelids for some time. You can accentuate the beauty of your eyes by applying eyeliners along with curling of your lashes. Go for waterproof eyeliners for best results. Also, use a light eye shadow that can give an instant glow to the eyes.

3. Beautify your lips

If your lips have become slightly dark post-delivery, remember beetroot can work great as a herbal remedy to get back your original lip color. Otherwise, choose a moisturizer based lipstick or tinted gloss or even lip balms will work great.

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