15 Things Men Like to Hear

15 Things Men Like to Hear

Wondering how to flatter men? Do you always struggle to find the right compliment for your guy? Here are 15 things men like to hear. Take a tip from these.

1. “You have got a great sense of humor”
Men love it when you tell them how they always make you laugh, and that you have fun with them.

2. “You just get me!”
This reassures him that you connect with him on an emotional level, and makes him feel secure.

3. “I love the way you drive”
Men love to boast about their cars or bikes and the way they handle them. Say this, and see his face light up instantly.

4. “It’s amazing how you have achieved so much in such short time”
Tell him you love him whatever he has achieved, and that you are proud of him. It pleases his ego.

5. “Do you work out?”
Every man wants to hear this. Just say it! C’mon!

6. “You have nice hair”
Yes! Men do not show it but they actually spend time on their hair. With them prone to baldness, this is a sure way to make them feel good about themselves.

7. “That was an awesome catch/ That was an awesome shot/ That was an awesome performance”
If he plays some sport, compliment him on how well he is at it and he would be happy. If he is into theater, compliment his performance.

8. “I love the way that shirt looks on you”
Not only are you complimenting his physique, you are also complimenting his dressing sense!

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