10 Signs You are Dating an Emotionally Unavailable Man

10 Signs You are Dating an Emotionally Unavailable Man

There are two ways of looking at it. Dating an emotionally unavailable man could be really tough, especially when you prefer emotions to placidity. The other way of seeing it is that if you get the emotionally unavailable man to experience a wide range of emotions like no one else, you will be rewarded with a fruitful and long-lasting relationship. Here are a few signs to find out if the guy you are dating is emotionally unavailable.

1. He has a constant shell guarding him

If you have been dating him for a while but still find him secure in his own shell, rarely peeping out, rarely letting his guard down and making himself vulnerable, you can be certain he is emotionally unavailable. It could be his inherent nature. It could also be the influence of his past. But, at the end of the day the shell he gets into is a hard thing to deal with for a partner.

2. He doesn’t justify much

A person who tries justifying his actions to you is invariably someone who wants to be understood or liked. If you don’t find your guy justifying anything he does, it could be a sign he is withdrawn and doesn’t care too much about the other person’s opinion of him. It could also be due to the bad impression that others have repeatedly made on him in the past.

3. He doesn’t have strong opinions about most things

This could be another sign that you are dating an emotionally unavailable person. The absence of strong opinions could mean that the guy doesn’t feel for anything too strongly. The more you see him neutral towards issues, the more are the chances that he is emotionally distant from most things. During your conversations over a period of time, you will have a good chance to judge this aspect of his.

4. He doesn’t get angry with you

A person who doesn’t get cross with you over anything, is usually desirable. However, at times you want to see the full range of those emotions. Someone who doesn’t get angry with anything you do, might be emotionally unavailable. You want the person to care for the relationship and anger with some things is a good sign of that. Mind you, balance is always the keyword.

5. You find it hard to read his thoughts

Some guys are easy to read. They are open books. They make remarks and comments. Their eyes say too much at times. But if your guy isn’t one of them, it could be really tough on you. It is important to read each other and understand each other’s thoughts for a healthy relationship. If your guy doesn’t give you any hints of the inner workings of his mind, chances are he is emotionally unavailable.

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