5 Types Of Friends To Avoid

5 types Of Friends To Avoid

They laugh with you and they cry with you, they cheer you on, they look out for you, they support you, they criticize you – they are none other than your friends. Friends are an integral part of one’s life. Right from the play school days to the workplace, a friend is the one who keeps your sanity. They act as mentors, protectors, partners in crime and fun times; no matter how they are, they will always remain our friends. But not all friends are that way. Here is a list of 5 kinds of friends you should avoid because they don’t deserve to be your friends.

1. The critic

A friend who is always critical of you is the one you must do away with. From the kind of shoes you wear to the kind of people you hang out with may always be a problem with this person. This will affect your friendship in the long run and may also lead to an inferiority complex.

2. Competitive friend

A little friendly competition is healthy and will do you no harm; anything more than this is a recipe for disaster. This kind of friend is constantly comparing himself/herself with you – be it at school, work or even your relationships! This could cause a lot of personal clashes between you both, which may affect not just you but other friends, family and coworkers. What to do? Run at the first possible opportunity.

3. Insecure friend

Have a friend who is always seeking your approval on things? Turns out they may not the one you would want to depend on. This friend is very dependent on you and may not have a personal opinion. One word – avoid.

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