5 Ways Having a Baby Will Change Your Marriage

5 Ways Having a Baby Will Change Your Marriage

Having a baby can be the most joyous occasion in many people’s lives. Bringing a life into the world and making a baby that has the characteristics of the two of you is also a miraculous thing. Having a baby is a bitter sweet experience too. It not only changes the life of the mother, but of the father too. And when you are married and have a baby, its arrival can change your marriage in ways you never thought possible. Some of the changes can be good and some can even break your marriage. If anyone told you, having a baby did not change anything about their marriage, then they were probably lying. Here are ways in which having a baby can change your marriage.

1. Your loyalties shift

When you have a baby, you tend to spend more time with the baby and end up loving the baby more than you love your partner. Your loyalties would also shift as you prioritize the needs of your kid more than the needs of your partner. This can create a rift and sometimes problems between you and your partner.

2. You may even hate your partner a little bit

If you are being a hands-on mother and your partner does nothing to help you, the stress of having a baby added with the constant needs and irregular sleep hours will only make you angry and even make you hate your partner a little bit.

3. Sex is off the table for a long time

The immediate casualty of having a baby is the lack of sex in your relationship. If it is for physical reasons that you can’t have sex for the first two weeks, later on the baby takes the center stage and you are not even interested in having sex. Sex is important in a marriage and when there is less sex, it can lead to some problems between the two of you.

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