8 Common Misconceptions About Only Children

8 Common Misconceptions About Only Children

Being an only child is not always as easy or as difficult as it is perceived to be. The fact is that the childhood of an only child is very similar to that of a kid who has siblings. We give you some of the misconceptions that people have about only children.

1. They are selfish

Most people believe that only children tend to be very possessive about their things, their time and the attention of their parents. However, this generalization is incorrect and there are those who are not only children and are still selfish. Whether a child grows up to be selfish or not depends on the values that he/she was brought up on.

2. They are lonely

It is a common misconception that only children long for some company and feel lonely. That’s not entirely true. On the contrary, a single child is very well able to keep himself/herself busy. Only children are very good at self-entertainment and enjoy their own company.

3. They are socially inept

Many think that only children feel socially awkward. This is incorrect. They might be a bit choosy about who they spend their time with. They may not be social butterflies, but they enjoy the idea of a “family” and enjoy having a few close friends. Just because they are particular about who they spend their time with, does not make them socially inept.

4. They are spoiled

Most people think that only children are spoiled because they are pampered by their parents. This is a myth. The fact of the matter is that parenting is what determines whether a kid would be spoiled or not. Being an only child has got nothing to do with it. There are many cases where there are two siblings and one turns out to be way more spoiled than the other.

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